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Everyone is on their own journey and that journey needs to be honored. Yes, we are a little bit crunchy, but we are also realistic. There are times in life when we need to take a pharmaceutical and there is NO shame in that. We believe in meeting YOU where you are on your journey and allowing you to make the best decision you can without sacrificing your short term goals or your long term health. 
Our mission is to educate people of drug-induced nutrient depletion and empower YOU to take control of your own health.

There is no magic pill

Real Health

We know there's never a magic pill to fix everything. True health comes from proper nutrition, adequate sleep, clean water, movement, stress management, and emotional wellbeing. We believe supplements are an easy and convenient way to replenish depleted nutrients. This is simply ONE piece of the puzzle.


for us, its personal

Founder Story

MelanieHunter's journey into holistic nutrition began as a quest to reclaim her own health and well-being. For over a decade, she endured the rollercoaster ride of hormonal birth control, grappling with severe mood swings, frequent infections, low energy levels, and the torment of IBS. Despite these struggles,Melanie pressed on, determined to find a solution.

Her turning point came when she returned to school to study nutrition. There, she stumbled upon a revelation that shook her to the core – the concept of drug-induced nutrient depletion. Learning that the very medication she relied on was stripping her body of vital nutrients left her feeling betrayed and angry. How could she not have been informed about this?

Fueled by her frustration and armed with newfound knowledge, Melanie embarked on a mission to create a solution. Recognizing that many women, like her, would continue to rely on hormonal birth control, she was determined to mitigate its negative effects. Thus, the idea for her supplement was born – a carefully crafted blend designed to replenish the nutrients depleted by hormonal contraceptives.


Share the Health

We are committed to educating consumers on other aspects of health so that you feel empowered on your journey. 

Welcome to our E course! We're excited to share the founder's story of why she created alii and why she's passionate about educating women on hormonal birth control.

This short video describes drug-induced nutrient depletion & how it relates to hormonal birth control.

In this video we discuss the vitamins depleted by hormonal birth control & why it matters.

This video discusses the minerals depleted by hormonal birth control & what it means for you.

In this video we discuss the impact that hormonal birth control has on your microbiome.

Introducing alii, the only supplement specifically designed to replenish the nutrients depleted by hormonal birth control and formulated without the nutrients shown to be elevated by taking birth control.

Supplements like ours are an easy & convenient way to replenish the nutrients depleted by hormonal birth control. They are one piece of the puzzle. This video describes other ways to support your body while taking hormonal birth control.

Product FAQs

Yes! Vaginal rings release the same hormones as the pill and will deplete the same nutrients

If you have a hormonal IUD, then yes! If you chose a copper IUD, then you are depleting zinc and possibly not the other nutrients. You can choose to take alii or take zinc supplement alone.

alii was designed for women who use hormonal birth control; however, many American are deficient in many of these nutrients. If you chose to take alii, use it instead of a multivitamin.

Yes! If you took hormonal birth control in the past, there is a good chance you are deficient in some of these nutrients.

No, we believe in a women's right to choose, in education, and empowerment.

Yes! The birth control implant still releases hormones that will deplete valuable nutrient stores.

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